Multi Fuel offer a wide range of stoves for sale available with nationwide delivery at discounted prices when compared to multifuel stove for sale in the highstreet.
So what are multifuel stoves?  Multi Fuel stoves are stoves designed to burn both wood andcoal, or one or the other independantly.  This really gives you the best of both worlds as coal burns slower than wood meaning less material is needed, however wood produces practically zero CO2 and is therefore  better for the enviroment (and usually cheap or free).
All well as listing many brands of multi fuel stoves we also have stoves listed by price and by power output allowing easy browsing to find a stove that meets your needs and budget.
On our site you will also be able to find the following information.
You do require a chimney in order to use a multi fuel stove so ensure that you either have one ready to use or that you can have an existing chimney cleaned for use.  Alternatively you may need to have a chimney built to use a multi fuel stove, as most modern properties do not have real chimneys.